Amidst these unprecedented times, Gains Investments remains more vigilant than ever in protecting our employees, closing agents, and our sellers. We have quickly adapted our procedures and protocols to include low-contact and no-contact home evaluations and closing options. This adaptation has allowed Gains Investments to continue our high level of service, convenience, speed, transparency and safety to everyone involved in each transaction.

As this crisis continues to evolve, many homeowners may want or need to sell their homes. They may be asking themselves “will a buyer want to purchase my home during these uncertain times” and “will a buyer be able to close the transaction”? Gains Investments has positioned itself to answer both of these questions with a resounding “YES”. Armed with a myriad of low-contact and no-contact processes, we continue to purchase residential homes from seller’s looking for fast cash transactions. We will use every method available to close every deal. If you want to move forward with your real estate plan, Gains Investments is ready and able to help.

No one knows when the turning point will be or when life will return to a point of normalcy. One thing for certain is everyone is headed for a NEW normal. Our goal, in small part, is to be that necessary tool to help as many people adapt to that new normal as we are able. Our team wishes everyone the health and resilience needed to complete this challenging journey we are all in together.


Arthur & Ingrid McCracken


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CASH BUYERS: Please do your own due diligence. House is being sold as-is, and buyer is to pay all closing costs. Price based on a cash or hard money offer. All properties offered are either owned by us, under contract and selling equitable interest, or offered in conjunction with a business associate. All offers on properties require a $2500 non-refundable earnest deposit and 10 day close of escrow. Equal Opportunity Housing.