Why NOW is the Right Time to Sell Your House!

The Housing market is currently booming. Low interest rates and short supply of available homes have helped to surge the market to its highest point in the past couple decades. This can be clearly expressed when one looks at the recent statements made by the Toll Brothers company. Toll Brothers is a renowned home construction company ranked 8th largest in the US and 426th on the Fortune 500, raking in a whopping 5.815 billion a year. According to Toll Brothers CEO Mr. Douglas Yearley Jr., “We are currently experiencing the strongest housing market I have seen in my 30 years at Toll Brothers and we continue to increase prices in nearly all of our communities…”.

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, those who were in the process of selling their homes were met with new interest from the mass exodus of people leaving cities and or those looking to downsize in order to accommodate themselves during this difficult time. Due to this increase in demand, home owners are now receiving higher offers on their properties now more than ever before. This would be the perfect market to sell your home today in order to receive the best opportunities for financial gain.

GAINS Investments, LLC., a real estate investment company operating out of Mahwah, NJ, is poised to help property owners take advantage of this unprecedented market. GAINS purchases homes in any condition, for CASH across Northern & Central New Jersey. They can stop foreclosures, solve tax liens, and prevent any further damage to personal credit. Tired landlords and beneficiaries can CASH in on their properties and close in as little as 15 days. For more information, and to see how we can help you, contact us today!

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